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Friends With Honey Musical Kids Show

Benny Allen - CD Album


10 songs for kids, all about our friends the bees.

Sing.  Dance.  Learn.


1.  Friends With Honey  (B Allen, H Charles)

2.  Dance Like A Bee   (B Allen, H Charles)

3.  In The Corner Of The Garden  (Melody: Traditional, Lyric: B Allen, H Charles)

4.  Some Bees  (B Allen, H Charles)

5.  Blue Banded Bees  (B Allen, H Charles)

6.  Here Is The Beehive  (Fortier, Jubinville, McDonald, Sakiyama, Thagard)

7.  Old MacDonald Had A Farm  (Traditional)

8.  The Bees Go Buzzing  (Melody: Traditional, Adapted Lyric: B Allen, H Charles)

9.  Here Comes The Sun  (G Harrison)

10.  The Bee Song  (B Allen)


Produced by:  Michael Carpenter


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